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Attempts to bring Fibre to remote locations didn’t prove fruitful

Openreach have advised that they will be removing their Long Reach VDSL technology that they were trialling to provide better data services to rural/hard to reach areas. Their intention was to deliver speeds of up to 10Mbps over existing long copper lines where providing FTTC or FTTP would not be viable. This would be to fulfill their Universal Service Obligation to provide the new minimum speeds people should expect from data services.

Unfortunately the speeds did not show the improvements that Openreach were after and the roll-out of the service may have proved difficult with other ISPs; whether this would be a price point, downtime or additional work issue.

We can only wait and see what they do next. Chances are high that we will see more FTTC roll-outs in these areas now they have little other choice.

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What does this mean?

Without finding a way to boost a service using the existing infrastructure, there will be no choice but to push for full FTTP roll-out to get the speeds up. In areas where this isn’t possible (or just not cost effective for them to do) there are still other options available:

  • Mobile Data Routers – If you have good 3/4G coverage and cannot be serviced by a decent physical data connection, we can provide routers with SIM cards that allow you to use the mobile data network as your broadband. Most of these services come with fair usage agreements (20-40GB per month) as getting unlimited data plans on SIM cards can sometimes be tricky
  • Satellite Broadband – As long as you’re not hemmed in by trees and can have a clear line of sight to the sky, satellite broadband may be an option. As with the mobile data, there are normally fair usage rules in place and the speeds can sometimes suffer due to the latency of the satellite signal, but it will still be better than a 1-2Mbps ADSL line
  • Leased Lines – If your business requires a proper, uncontested service then this may be a viable option. With concurrent down and upload speeds of either 100Mbps or 1Gbps, these lines offer the best possible connection and fastest repair times of any data connection. Whilst the cost is high, the service and security you can enjoy on these services is definitely something to consider

If you would like to discuss any of the options above – or would like to see what we can offer for your business – feel free to contact us on 01903 256 555 or by email to

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