The BT / Openreach Split

Openreach are the company who supply and maintain the millions of phoneline, broadband and fibre connections over the UK. It has always been a part of BT which has always caused some controversy; how were resellers meant to get the best service available if Openreach was giving priority to BT customers? The reality is, as resellers, we have never had a guarantee of service in terms of new installations or on-going maintenance for faults. As much as you can chase things up and go through the escalations, we all knew in the back of our minds that we were just being put below BT in the pecking order.

So now that they are splitting up, what’s going to happen? A lot, hopefully, though it will take time. The main thing, from a techy point of view, is now knowing that new orders and faults will be dealt with as they should. With Openreach running their own engineers (again, not as part of BT) it should lead to a more level playing field when it comes to jobs being assigned. This should lead to faster installations and subsequent fault repairs. This will allow us to have a lot more faith when dealing with faults and updating our customers.

Will we see a change to prices?

It will take some time for this change to take place, but eventually we should also see a reduction in line and service rentals. As BT give more autonomy to Openreach we should see competitive rates which we can then pass on to our customers.

Will our service change?

If anything it will change for the better. We would hope to see Openreach rolling out more fibre coverage across the country – meaning high-speed internet coverage being improved – and generally improving the infrastructure that services our country.

It is still early days yet as the split has only recently been confirmed and pushed through, but it won’t be long until we start seeing the benefits.

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